By The Numbers

"Numbers are worth a thousand words"
Behind each number – there is an important story.


Sixty years of activity - House of Hope has been in existence over 60 years! and has been caring for children whose parents passed away or who cannot take care of them. Many of the children suffered severe neglect until they were identified by social workers as needing an alternative place to live, as specified in the Family Court system.


We have almost one-hundred girls in our House of Hope. Each one feels she is an only child, loved and cherished in the House of Hope where she has found comfort and support. We have girls from kindergarten until they are ready to marry or to go move tostudent dorms for post-high school education.


This is the number of full and part time professional staff members who are dedicated to the girls and relate to them as if they were their own biological children.


Around the clock, 365 days a year, the House of Hope provides a warm, supportive, and loving atmosphere for girls from problematic homes. Even during vacation periods, the staff is with those girls who have nowhere else to go.


Since it was founded, over five thousand girls have passed through the door of the House of Hope. Some were from dysfunctional families, and in the House of Hope they were encouraged and were given the confidence and self-reliance to succeed in life so that they will not return to their previous home situation , where neglect and abuse was their lot in life.


The cost in dollars of supporting each child for the year.


The dollar amount we don’t receive from the Israeli government to provide all the critical supplementary needs for the year.


Our annual operating budget in dollars.